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Quarantine Date Night Ideas

      If you’re like many of us, and you’ve been in iso with your boo, you might be at a point where you feel more so like you’re just existing together, rather than continuing to build a meaningful relationship. The excitement of being with each other constantly has probably worn off by now, and you’ve officially run out of things to do. This means you’ve got to get creative to come up with intentional ways to spend quality time together. Nurturing your relationship and creating meaningful connection is especially important right now. That’s why we’ve come up with a few quarantine date night ideas that we think can help you keep the fire alive!


1. Cook Dinner together

      Cooking together is a great activity couples can do to strengthen their relationship. Whipping up a meal  with your better half can help you to feel more connected with one another because it forces you to slow down, pay attention and communicate effectively, which can truly help strengthen your bond. Many people also see cooking for one another as a way to show one’s love for the other. Here are some ways to make cooking together fun!

  • Turn on your favorite music!! There are plenty of musicians going live on instagram to play hours of free music! Pull up your fave musicians and listen to your own private concert while you cook!
  • Pick an online cooking class, and learn something new together! We love Gordon Ramsy’s master class for loads of amazing and unique meal ideas!
  • Make your favorite drinks! While one person is working on the food, the other can play as the bartender. Get creative and mix up some tasty cocktails for your love!

2. Dress up for each other and have a candlelit dinner!

      Now that you’ve got a tasty meal you’ve prepared together, why not make the night a little more special by getting dressed up, lighting some candles and setting some mood lighting! We know you’ve been cooped up in the house wearing the same sweatpants for weeks on end. Why not throw on a cute outfit? You might even go as far as to shave those quarantine legs and spruce up your hair. That’s what you’d do for a date night out, right? Even if you aren’t going anywhere, it’s always nice to show some effort to impress your significant other. Putting in this effort is a good way to show your significant other that you still care about what they think, and you’re being intentional with your time with them. Here’s our suggestions on how to make your dinner date in special!


  • Throw on something new to make yourself feel good, and impress your bae! We suggest our sweetheart tie front crop in red or blue! Pair it with some comfy high rise jeans, or dress it up a little more with a skirt and some heels, or chunky boots! This will make for the perfect look for a summer night date!

  • Set up a cozy nook! gather a bunch of your softest pillows and blankets around a small living room coffee table, (you’ll be sitting on the floor Asian style) and string up some lights and light a few candles for mood lighting. And there you have it, the coziest dinner spot!

+ this makes for the perfect spot for some food coma cuddles

3. Take a shower or bubble bath together

userrrobin | Tumblr

      What better way to end the night than taking a hot, relaxing shower or soothing bubble bath together? Showering together can make for some incredible intimate bonding time, and will leave you feeling safe and connected with your partner. It’s not something you need to share every day, but if you’re looking for a way to reconnect, what could be better than showering with each other? Here’s our tips on making this the most relaxing, and connecting time for the both of you!

  • drop in your favorite bath bomb! Our favorite soothing bath bomb scent is Twilight from Lush! This bomb releases sparkly streams of purple and deep indigo to create the look of shimmering stars. With hints of lavender oil and tonka to help sooth you and your partners stressed out bodies
  • Wash each others hair! This will be an act of love for you and your partner. It may sound strange, but there are tons of nerve endings in your scapt, and washing someones hair with lots of scalp massaging can be extremely relaxing, and intimate, leaving you both feeling more connected


      This is all about figuring out what works best for you both, and learning how to better communicate your needs to one another. If these things feel odd, or unnatural for you and your partner, there are tons of other ways to bond. Get creative and find ways to spend quality time with each other that will excite both of you, while spicing things up!

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